vit b6

A: NO...blood is not red until it hits air/oxygen....

Q: where is the best place to give vit B12 & B6 shots. what size needle is the best.?
I have been giving myself Vit B12 & B6 shots for sometime. Where is the best place to give it. When i give myself the B6 shots i get a warm feeling inside where i injected the shot for a few days after. Is this normal?

A: warming is normal

Q: Vit B6 while prego on empty stomach?
Im 9 weeks and heard Vit B6 helps with vomiting and nausea, today is a really bad day and Iv been getting sick non stop. The bottle says to take with a meal, just wondering if I can take it on an empty stomach since I cant keep anything down, has anyone ever done this before and does it work?
If i do take it on an empty stomach will it make me more sick?

A: They say you have to swallow them on a full stomach because some people get sick swallowing them on an empty stomach.

It doesn't mean you will, try it and see.

Q: What do elevated vit B6/B12 levels signify?
A few years back now. I had a ful blood test from a neurologist. i asked for a copy of the results and was given one. No idea why I wanted it but got given a copy of the full results anyway.
After studying it for a while i worked out my vit B6/B12 levels were at 400% of what was the upper reading.
When I asked the neurologist what it meant he said he didn't know. So I asked why he didn't know and he got all stroppy and refused to see me again after that!!
Like I said, been a few years now ... can't remember if it was B6 or B12.
Have not had full bloodtest since. But what could it be an indicator of?
I wasn't taking supplements at the time.
Oohh, i don't know so i will put it to the vote.

A: Your sample was contaminated by B12 (hydroxycobalamine)....the test shoud have been repeated in a different lab to avoid bias...
It is not all that infrequent....When we find the possibility of sample contamination, we DO repeat the test, before jumping to any wild conclusions...
400% above the level for pyridoxyne or B6, would have shown in your body like a very toxic state, with inflamation of he nerves (neuritis), changes in the skin, etc...a pretty dramatic toxic picture...
It was a contaminated sample...
Thats all.....
An please....change neurologist next time...

Q: progesterone and vit b6
if my progesterone levels are normal, if i take vit b6 (50mg every day before ovulation and 100 mg every day after ovulation) will it make me ovulate early? I have been spotting 4 days before my period for a few cycles now and was as the drs wont do any tests i thought i might see if it's anything to do with progesterone so am taking vit b6. just dont want to have ovulated already and im on my period!

A: check with your doctor to make sure it's ok the v b6, you can also get an opinon from a fertility specialist online for free, try
good luck!

Q: Vit B6 on own or as multi-vitamin?
Is it best to take Vitamin B6 on it's own when TTC or is it the same taking it in a multi-vitamin? My multi-vitamin has 100% rda & I'm just wondering if the amount I should be taking is as strong in a multi-vitamin as it is in a specific Vit B tablet
Thanks x x x

A: plz see a doctor.

Q: Do u have to preg hormone in tiny amounts before af? If i am preg can i take vit B6 now or too late?
Oh man i have just done 2 preg tests that detect 10 mIU and they are both BFP, not strong 2nd lines but still clearly visable.
Do u have a little of the preg hormone before ur af is due??
If i am preg to try ensure it sticks can i start taking vit b6 or baby asprin today??
Oh my I cant believe this i pray to God please stay with me and let this be true.
If anyone needs to know how desperate I am u should check out the posts i done earlier today, i had reached the end of ttc, i couldnt cope any longer, so what do you reckon to my questions, Hormone in ur system before af, vit b6 and baby asprin? xxxxxxxxx
Thankyou all for your help i appreciate it very much,done another test at 25 mIU and its extremely faint but can see a 2nd line xx

A: you can take vitamin B6 now. it's in my prenatal vitamin and i'm not pregnant yet! my doctor said to take the prenatal vitamins for 3 months before conceiving (i started taking them about 2 months ago and decided to start TTC this month anyway, shhh...)
it's never too late to start taking vitamins. if you're taking a prenatal vitamin, B6 is probably in it already, so you don't have to worry about it. if you're not, call the doctor tomorrow and get a prescription for a prenatal vitamin.
as for ensuring it 'sticks', the pregnancy tests wouldn't have shown positive if you weren't truly pregnant, so congratulations! sit back for the rest of today, call the doctor tomorrow for the prenatal vitamins and if you want to be double sure, order a blood test tomorrow as well.
congratulations once again.

here's an article on vitamin B6 during pregnancy:

it says that it's helpful to the baby's brain and nervous system development and may alleviate morning sickness :)

Q: I have been taking wellwoman original, 100mg of Vit B6,Vit E and Folic acid.what are my chances of conception?

A: A vitamin supplement won't get you pregnant. If you have wonky periods, or luteal phase problems that could help regulate you, and it can help prepare your body for possible pregnancies but its not a magical combination that will increase the chance of a sperm and egg meeting up. Your chances when trying to concieve are about 20-25% each cycle, with or without wellwoman.

Q: My midwife recommended taking 20mg vit B6 and a half tablet of Unisom three times a day for morning sickness?
I was just wondering for feedback from others who have tried it. I trust my midwife, but thought I'd ask and see if anybody has negative... or positive... thoughts about it. Any problems, side effects, etc.? Thanks!

A: My OB had me take an additional 50mg of B6 and half a unisom twice a day. It really worked well for me, even better than the perscription drug she perscribed. I was also personally more comfortable taking the unisom as it has been around a lot longer than most perscription drugs and I talked to older women who had used it while pregnant.

Good Luck to you.

Q: anybody know of lugols solution and vit b6 to treat carpal tunnel syndrome?

A: Vitamin B Complex twice a day helped me with Carpal tunnel, I take 1 tablet twice a day and I wear wrist braces at night when the pain go up to the shoulder if I dont. When the pian does appear during the day I put an ice pack under my wrist. Most people can cure themselves yopu do not have to have surgery to repair it. As far as Lugols solution in Gerson Therapy - The practitioners of Gerson therapy allege that the treatment is effective for a wide variety of ailments because it restores the body's ability to heal itself. Practitioners do not claim that this therapy will cure everything or everyone. A number of components are considered important to this therapy. These components include: juicing (as many as 13 glasses of fresh, organic vegetable/fruit juice are recommended per day), diet (three full vegetarian meals from organic sources), detoxification of tissues and blood (accomplished foremost via coffee enemas), and medications (e.g., Lugol's solution, vitamin B-12, injectable crude liver extract, pancreatic enzymes, enemas of coffee and/or chamomile). Certain complementary therapies may also be recommended, such as: polarizing treatment (GKI), ozone therapy by rectal insufflation, hydrotherapy, and acupuncture.

Q: What is that drug given on TB patient that causes decrease in Vitamin B6?
Please give the generic name and also if you know any of the brand name.

and elaborate why it causes decrease in Vit. B6

i really need it

A: Isoniazid (usually abbreviated to INH). If I had my morning caffeine level up, I'd feel more certain, but as I recall it's a pro-drug that binds to the active form of pyridoxine to become an active agent.

Q: im 8.5 weeks preg and doc has put me on vit b6 to control the sickness?
but he also wrote me a script for motomoxil but the vit are not helping i keep throwing up and cant eat. what would you guys reccomend.
i cant eat at all it does not matter what i try i just cant do it and it is really upseting me the doc says it will last for at least another 5 weeks and i dont think i can handle that

A: I was exactly the same with both my boys. I suffered low B12 as well so I took a mega B vitamin, it was brown and stank, not very appetising for someone who can't keep anything down. I persevered though. With vitamins it's all about building up what your low on so unfortunately one pill won't do the trick. You can minimise the symptoms but they'll never totally go away just eat what you feel like, even if it's Hot chocolate fudge at 7am, who's going to judge you???

Q: is there a treatment other than vit b6 for peripheral neuropathy - mine was caused by chemo theraphy?
i am a diabetic but this is not the reason for my neuropathy --my blood sugar is under control--it is also in my hands as well as my feet

A: Perhaps Neurontin...see a neurologist to find out what can be done...if you take too much B6 can cause the same problem as too little B6.... ie nerve damage

Sorry.. I knew someone who got that from chemo...I don't think it is a frequent side effect..but it is a painful one.

Q: Vit B6 and short luteal phase....please help?!?
I have a short luteal phase. Only 10 days long which I discovered through charting and signals my body gives that I'm ovulating. I went to my doctor about it yesterday and he literally said "what do you want me to do about it?" he said he would send me to an ob/gyn but is making my husband have semen analysis first. so basically I'm sitting here still with this short luteal phase and nothing being done about it until my husbands test results come back and the ob/gyn can get me in for an appointment. I have read that taking B6 all month can help lengthen your cycle. I was just wondering if anyone uses this or knows anything about it. I figured since I can but it over the counter I might try it until I can get some help from a doctor. any advice would be greatly apprecited.

A: I have the same issue you do (luteal phase of 10 days IF I'M LUCKY) and so far my OB hasn't wanted to do anything about it. I started taking vitamin B6 in February but haven't really noticed any regular increase in my LP. The thing is, I believe you should only take it after ovulating, since it is a precursor to progesterone. I wouldn't want to interfere with the beginning of my cycle. I could be wrong about that, but that is my understanding. I take 50mg twice a day with meals. Another thing I've done in the past is get some OTC progesterone cream and use it twice a day. The OTC stuff obviously isn't as strong as a prescription but it's all I can do right now. Googling short luteal phase and progesterone cream will give you instructions on how to use it.

The reason my OB is hesitant to start progesterone supplementation with me is because he thinks the short luteal phase stems from a weak ovulation. If I ovulated stronger (?) then my luteal phase would be longer. I also had an underlying problem with hypothyroidism which can cause issues with your hormones and fertility. He thought that treating the hypothyroid issue would clear up the short LP...I've been on levothyroxine since April and my LP is still short. So I am actually going to see an endocrinologist tomorrow morning and will talk to her about my short LP (since progesterone is linked to the endocrine system) and see if she has any insight or will prescribe me some progesterone supplements. Anyway, it's nice to know that I'm not alone in this issue (though I'm sorry you're having it too). I plan to add you to my contacts -- maybe we can keep each other posted on our progress? Good luck.

Q: Is it alright if I take Vit B6 to balance hormones on a non-medicated cycle?
I just got done with my first round of clomid 100 MG. Everything seemed to be fine as I didn't have any side effects really. It shortened my period to 3 days and made it lighter than usual. That is probably the only thing that bothered me. I am doing a non-medicated cycle this month due to the fact that I have been out of town and my script is at a little mom and pop pharmacy. I do tend to ovulate on my own but sometimes I do not and sometimes my O is too weak. Anyways, my husband and I are still going to try this month. I have been taking 100mg of B6 since CD 1 in hopes it would help balance my hormones. I do not have problems with my luteal phase. Does anyone have any insight on this subject? I know that clomid has a lingering effect. Am I messing things up? So confused :( Any advice will be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!!

A: Do know that after medicated cycles you will have a change in your period. Mine are very scant for about 3 months after a failed cycle.

I would check with your doctor but I take a medication called Folgard for an immune problem I have (Body doesn't metabolize folic acic) and in the Folgard is folic acid, 25mg vitamin B-6, and 2 mg vitamin B-12. I MUST take this to maintain a pregnancy throughout a pregnancy so I seen no reason why you couldn't take it, especially if you are not doing a medicated cycle.

As for you ovulation, I would check out The Fertile Soul website and see what is recommended for anovulation or any other issues you may have. There may be some simple herbs you can take to get you back on track. I love this website and have learned so much from it and her book!

Good luck!!