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A: No, you cannot skip even part of your insulin.

Get some R now.

Q: difference between humulin n and novolin n?
my boyfriend has been a diabetic since seven years old. He has always used humulin n and r insulin injetctions up until the last month. He has had been changed to novolin n and r, and feels his body is not reacting in a positive way to the change. I need to know if there are any differences between the two insulins that can cause his body to react to any changes in the insulin.

A: My understanding is that they are essentially identical and that little to no changes should be required. Is there a reason he’s still on novolin as opposed to the newer insulins Humalog or Novolog? They are much faster-acting and effective than the older insulins. Much closer to how human insulin works. Have him ask his doc about it. It’s more expensive, but most insurances cover it well now.

Q: Can I get Humulin N and Humulin R at a pharmacy in the Philippines?

A: I know that in the states you can at least get R insulin over the counter (Every state it seems except PA—Stupid commonwealth…) I would recommend finding a pharmacy or doctor over there and either calling, or emailing. You could probably find a hospital’s email contact pretty easily online. I’m betting that your question for Yahoo Answers is simply too specific to merit any good answers… Good Luck!

Q: I need documentatio and the answer to at what temperature humulin n are r freeze at. ?
I have been keeping the vials in their box and putting in a fridge to go lunch sak next to an ice pack and some believe the insulin will freeze that what. I haven’t been able to find written documentation to say eactly what point the insulin freezes

A: insulin freezes at 32 degrees Farenheit, it should not go below 38 degrees.

Q: Humilag and Humulin N: are they similar?
My fiance has Type 1 Diabetes and has just run out of Humalog. My father is also Diabetic and had a brand new bottle of Humulin N and offered to give it to my fiance (since my father has health care and my fiance does not). My question is can he use Humulin N eventhough he usually uses Humalog? Why or why not? And if you can provide any websites, that would be great.
Also, his usual dose of Humalog is 6 to 7 units. How much more or less of Humulin would he have to take?

A: OK, Your type 1 diabetic fiance should know this unless he is just recently diagnosed. Humalog is a rapid acting insulin and Humulin N is NPH is a long/intermediate acting insulin. NPH lasts 18+ hours and has a peak, Humalog starts to work in 15 min. and lasts only 4-6 hours. To get advice on weather or not he should sub the one for the other I say NO! Ask a Dr. about samples and you can call Eli Lilly to get on a patient assist program.

Q: How often does the time-released insulin Humulin N release into your body? I take it A.M. and at bedtime.?
I use a syringe if that makes a difference!

A: N is the most unpredictable of all the insulins. It varies from person to person.

Very few docs prescribe this anymore, unless you don’t do well on Lantus or Levimir, which have much flatter, more predictable curves.

Q: if an adolescent with diabetes takes humulin n at 7:30 AM, the time of day an insulin reaction is likely to oc

A: “an intermediate-acting insulin with a slower onset of action and a longer
duration of activity (up to 24 hours) than that of Regular human insulin. The time course of
action of any insulin may vary considerably in different individuals or at different times in the
same individual. As with all insulin preparations, the duration of action of Humulin N is
dependent on dose, site of injection, blood supply, temperature, and physical activity. Humulin N
is a sterile suspension and is for subcutaneous injection only.”

From the .pdf from the Lily Company

Q: IS anyone using insulin Humulin N?
What is your experience?

A: Try you can find alot there….ROB

Q: Switching from Novolin to Humulin?
Is it safe to switch from Novolin NPH to Humulin N? Are they identical products?

A: I have done just that several months ago. However, it was the reverse direction – from Humulin to Novolin. I found that after using both I preferred the Novolin over the Humulin because the Humulin lasted about two hours (really) and the Novolin lasted three hours. I was on Humulin for about a year and never experienced the insulin action longer than two hours! It is suppose to last for about 5 hours. However, experience told me time and again that it worked only for two hours and crashed. Having to change to Novolin was the best for me because – after a month – I knew it was working better than the Humulin. For me, it was working consistently for three hours. At the two hour point I would test my BG and it would be fine. However, after a couple of days – at the start of the switchover – I discovered there was a 10 percent difference between my two hour reading and my three hour reading. Now, after about nine months on Novolin, I won’t go back – it’s that much of a difference in my readings.

If you must change, check it out for yourself and see if there’s any difference in your readings.

Good luck.

Q: Any Docs or Nurses know the answer to this insulin question?
It’s been a while since I’ve been back in the profession and going back. Obviously, one of these questions is wrong on this open book test. Anyone know and why your answer is right so I will be aware in the future?

Which is an incorrect order for insulin?

A. 5 units Humulin R subcutaneously now.
B. 10 units Humulin R subcutaneously every AM.
C. 30 units Humulin N subcutaneously every AM.
D. 60 units Humulin R subcutaneously now.
I think you’re right MS3. Your answer was my first impression and now that I recall, a sliding scale doesn’t even allow 60 units! If someone needed that much insulin they probably need to be on an IV drip cause their blood glucose would be well over 350 minimum. Its been 2 years since Ive been out of nursing and going back. It will all come back to me. Thanks for your help!

A: Many type 2’s take 60+ units at a time.

When I was pregnant I was taking over 300+ units a day.

So you see, it is not unheard of.

Q: In the morning sometimes my blood sugar numbers are too low, like 64. Am I over medicated?
I am taking 50 units of Humulin N at bed time and sliding scale of Novolog during the day. Also I take metformin and Actos.

A: You didn’t say if you were taking the metformin at night. This is NOT the place to decide how to medically manage your diabetes! Take your numbers to your doctor. But a 64 before you eat breakfast isn’t terrible. It’s a little low. I would consider eating a lifesaver right before you go to bed. Or if you are in the habit of getting up to urinate during the night eating a lifesaver closer to the middle of your sleep time. But talk with your doctor. If you DO take a metformin at night maybe cutting it in half would help, but your doctor needs to decide that.

Q: what are some alternatives to mixing insulin?
What are some alternatives if a patient is unable to mix their morning insulin? (Type 1) Patient is taking Humulin N 15, Humulin R 5 in morning and Humulin N 7 in evening.

A: N is awful. Get a new doctor.

Seriously, there are so many better options. I did 16 years on N when there were no other options available. Now there are choices. A pump, Lantus, Levimir. Talk to the doctor, or get a new one.

Q: I need help figureing out how to do my math can you help me?
I’m going to school for pharmacy technician and I need to study for a test on tuesday. I need help figuring out how to do this type of math.

Humulin N U-100 10ml 35 U SQ daily. I need to know how many days to take this for.

A: You might be in the wrong section. Try medicine.

Q: I am taking the ptce tomorrow and i dont understand this question, can someone help?
What is the days supply for Humulin N insulin 20ml, if the dose is 40 U daily?
a) 100 days
b) 30 days
c) 60 days
d) 50 days
the book says the answer is d but, how did they get that?

A: I stumbled on that question, as well.

I’m guessing that you’re using The Pharmacy Tehcnician: Workbook and Certification Review (Third Edition).

Working with the answer that the book gave you, you could have worked backwards to find out the amount of Humulin N to be dispensed.

Your first proportion would have been the following:
Humulin N units / 1 mL = x units / 20 mL

However, because the amount of Humulin N to be dispensed is “unknown,” you have to work backwards.

The reverse calculations are as follows:

Set up your proportions using the book’s answer -
40 units / 1 day = x units / 50 days

You would have cross-multiplied [and divided by 1] and ended up with 2000 units.

Use your first proportion from earlier, where we can now fill in the “x” with “2000″ -
Humulin N units / 1 mL = 2000 units / 20 mL

You would have ended up with 100 Humulin N units.

*Humulin N U-100 is usually the standard amount of Humulin N to be dispensed for medications.*

You should know that before taking the exam, just as you should know the concentrations of D5W, normal saline, etc.

From now on, if the amount to be dispensed is not given in a calculation problem, go with the most common, standard amount [so you won't have to work backwards].

Good luck!

Q: Can you sell Insulin you no longer use?
My husband was given a new prescription and is no longer using his humulin N & R. We have over 10 boxes that are sealed and haven’t been touched so i was wondering if it was allowed to sell them or just throw them out and waste 200$+ worth ….We contacted the pharmacy in wich he bought them but they told us they could not be reinboursed :(

A: It’s against the law to sell someone a prescription drug unless you have some sort of license to do so. You could ask your church or even a clinic about donating them.

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