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b12 injections

A: Hello Millie

Poor you!

They are one of the more painful injections I’m afraid.

That is because vitamin B12 is an oily injection that has to be administered by deep intramuscular injection with a big needle – not only is the needle long it usually has a thicker than usual gauge.

Deep intramuscular injections are given in two sites – the outer mid section of the thigh or the upper outer quadrant of the gluteal muscle, your bum.

If you try to relax it wont hurt as much, but when you know whats coming, your muscles tense up and it makes it harder to get the needle in deep so it can be very sore.

Be brave.

Q: My girlfreind wants to purchase B12 injections. Can anyone recommend a website that she can go on to purchase?
B12 injections? And also any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

A: No, but tell her to B careful.

Q: Is it possible for my mom to give me B12 injections?
I get monthly B12 injections at my doctor’s office. Would it be possible for my mom to do it at home instead of a nurse? Are there any rules against this? She’s diabetic, so she’s quite used to giving herself needles.

A: Yes it’s Very Possible.

Talk with your Physician concerning this With your Mother Present to help train her in the in Proper way to get your B12 Injections.

Proper training is the key to good health. You have nothing to lose by inquiring, but lots to gain in the long run.

Good luck to you.

Q: How old should you be in order to receive B12 Injections for Lupus (SLE)?
I have SLE and my Rheumatologist refuses to give me B12 injections, even though I’ve heard they help tremendously with energy and fighting fatigue. He said I’m too young, I’m 22, and chronically tired…I can sleep from the minute I get home at 4:00pm until 5:00pm the next day. There’s no need in this if B12 injections can help with my energy level. Any advice on this topic would be greatly appreciated!!

A: B-12 is for pernicious anemia, often found in older people. If your blood work does not indicate this condition, then your rheumatologist is right.

The fatigue you are experiencing is a hallmark of systemic lupus. What can you do?

Rest before you get over tired.

Eat a very healthy diet-high in fiber, low in fat.

Avoid processed foods and go for whole, fresh foods whenever possible. You will get you B that way.

Practice yoga, tai chi, chi qong and meditation. They will renew your energy.

Stay out of the sun. It aggravates lupus.

Avoid caffeine and sugar. They play havoc with your blood sugar and energy levels.

Establish a regular schedule for activity and rest and try to stick with it.

Educate yourself.

Q: Can someone tell me more about b12 injections and phentermine?
Have anyone out there taken these two together? How much weight have you lost and how often do you have to get the b12 injections? Thanks alot

A: Yes, I have been taking them both for years. The first time I lost about 30lbs in about 4/5 months but thats all I really had to loose since I started at 130. I just recently started taking pills and getting the injections (weekly). I started at 118 and I got down to 110 in like 3 weeks. Hope that helps.

Q: What should I do about my B12 injections?
I didn’t take my B12 injections should I give myself 2 shots tomorrow? BTW I’m 43 and I regularly take 3ml should I take 6ml tomorrow.

A: “If you miss a dose of this medicine, take it as soon as possible. However, if it is almost time for your next dose, skip the missed dose and go back to your regular dosing schedule. DO NOT DOUBLE DOSES.” (Emphasis mine)

Q: Where is the best/cheapest place buy prefilled B12 injections?
Does anyone know where I can get the best deal on prefilled B12 injections?

A: B-12 injections typically require a prescription, so you should be able to ask your doctor or a pharmacist where you could find a good price… maybe Walmart or other discount pharmacies.
However, if you’re looking for cheap options, why not go for a sublingual B-12 lozenge? It’s easier on your body since you would take it once a day instead of overdosing yourself once a week (or longer) and letting your body slowly recover from it. There’s also the fact that you would have a steady daily supply instead of too much at first and not enough by the end of it. Good luck and I hope I helped!

Q: I am receving B12 injections but whats wrong with me?
The doctor has put me on B12 injections for 2 weeks then every 3 months for the rest of my life, they have checked for anemia, Thyroid, bowel disease etc but all negative my B12 level is only 80 and im not absorbing it. What else can they test me for and is there a reason or is it just one of thoses things?

A: when you get older sometimes you can’t digest enough vitB12 to run your body with, and oral supplements won’t help in that case, as you can’t make use of them. anaemia and tiredness are common side effects of this deficiency, and the only way you can make up this lack is by regular injections.

Q: can b12 injections treat my low ferritin and symtoms of fatigue?
i had ferritin of 3 and heam of 10. With iron supps went got heam back to normal and fertin at 16. Stop iron for a month and feritin back to 12. Feeling really exhausted and no energy. Can b12 injections help me?

A: No. You have iron deficiency so you need to have iron replacement (that ferritin level is still very low). Unless you are also B12 deficient (a blood test can check that), B12 shots won’t do anything for you.

Q: Why do B12 injections boost your energy while B12 pills don’t?
I take Vitamin C and B supplements but I don’t notice any increase in energy, will B12 injections be more effective?

A: B12 shots are introduce directly into the system and takes effect very quickly. Instead of taking B12 pills, try the liquid that is placed under the tongue for quick introduction into the body. I notice a difference between pills and liquids. I don’t do shots.. Don’t like needles.

Q: Can you tell me about B12 Injections?
I am considering taking B12 injections, monthly, for energy and weight loss. I had a couple of questions, however.

What is the standard dosage per month?

Also, someone recommended to me that I buy B12 from a vet supply. Does anyone else do that? Is there a difference between large animal B12 and human B12?

What size needle is used for the injection?

Where on the body is the injection placed? Arms, butt?

Does the shot have to be intramuscular, or can it be subq?


A: The dosage would depend on your body’s needs… your doctor would be the best one to address that.

I would recommend against a human taking an animal product (especially shots) as there are different contents in shots that are more suitable between different species and the purity requirements aren’t the same for humans and dogs. It might be cheaper, but part of the expense is in further purification in most cases (and marketing/advertising as well, but you have to take the good with the bad).

The needles can be small, but again, your doctor will provide either the needles or the prescription would be pre-loaded if you’re able to take them home… I’ve seen it more commonly recommended to be done in the doctor’s office where it’s a more sterile environment.

The location can be in a few different places as the muscle/fatty tissue is in different areas and some people are more sensitive in certain areas than not. You can also discuss this with your doctor to see what you both feel would be the best (best absorption, least painful, least noticeable). It may be the arm, it may be the leg, it may be another area that won’t hurt as much.

With all that being said, I personally think that it’s better to have a daily intake of vitamins like B-12 instead of the shots which essentially overdoses the body once a week (which is typical since B-12 is water soluble so the body can’t store it long term). I’ve heard of too many cases where people feel like they have the flu (overdose symptoms) for the first day or two after a vitamin shot because the body is trying to process out the excess vitamins. Personally, I think it’s easier to either eat healthy or to take a pill every day than go through the stress of weekly overdosing, but that’s me. Good luck and I hope I helped!

Q: What are all the reasons why it is considered best to give b12 injections in the muscle?
I have always read that b12 shots are to be given intramuscularly. Why is this better than giving it into the fat instead? Is the possibility of leakage the main issue? Or is it something else?

This is curiousity, btw. i don’t have any injectible b12, nor do I intend to purchase any, so please don’t tell me to go to a doctor.

A: B12 needs to be injected into the muscle simply because muscles have a huge blood supply and the vitamin will distribute itself into the blood supply very easily. Fat has less of a blood supply and therefore isn’t the best choice for giving the shot.
A side note: If someone requires B12 shots, it’s because they have lost the ability to absorb it in their diet. If they don’t recieve the B12 supplements, they will develop what is called “pernicious anemia” that can be potentially life threatening if not corrected.

Q: how long it takes for vitamin b12 injections to take effect?
I have been taking injections for 8 days now, one 2 cc on alternate days.

A: You should start feeling it working a few hours after the first injection but it can take a few weeks of injections to boost B12 levels. I personally find under the tongue oral B12 spray works better at boosting B12 levels. You will feel better and better as time goes on.

Q: Will b12 injections help with my fatigue?
No matter how much sleep I get,I always feel fatigued and tired. I am thinking about asking my doctor about getting b12 injections,will they help?
Where are they given usually,in the arm or buttocks and how painful are they,about a year ago,I had an antibiotic injection in my buttocks and it hurt like mad.
Thanks in advance

A: You can purchase B-12 over the counter in tablet form. Wouldn’t hurt to buy a small bottle and try them for a week or two, and see if they do anything for you. Discuss the injection vs. tablets with your doctor, and see which is best for you. Good luck.

Q: Can I have vitamin b12 injections if I feel tired all the time?
I went to doc and he ran tests for thyroid mono, anemia and found nothing, but i am tired all the time. Does anyone have any suggestions? could i inject b12 every week to help this?

A: Yes I take them for that very same reason

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