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A: You should start feeling it working a few hours after the first injection but it can take a few weeks of injections to boost B12 levels. I personally find under the tongue oral B12 spray works better at boosting B12 levels. You will feel better and better as time goes on.

Q: Can I have vitamin b12 injections if I feel tired all the time?
I went to doc and he ran tests for thyroid mono, anemia and found nothing, but i am tired all the time. Does anyone have any suggestions? could i inject b12 every week to help this?

A: Yes I take them for that very same reason

Q: Do many of you out there need to have Vitamin B12 injections periodically?
I know many including myself. I`m off to get mine in a minute. not chatting serious poll. I think it is quite a common thing health wise obviously.

A: B12 defficiency, due to pernicious anaemia, requiring injections rather than oral supplements, affects about 1% of the population.

Q: An elderly man has been receiving weekly injections of vitamin B12 since nearly all of his stomach was removed?
An elderly man has been receiving weekly injections of vitamin B12 since nearly all of his stomach was removed 6 months ago because of stomach cancer. Why is he receiving the vit. B12 rejection?

A: Humans cannot make B12 in the body, rather they have to absorb it from the food they eat. Small amounts of B12 are absorbed in the mouth, but the vast majority is absorbed later. In the stomach, the food we eat is digested, and a chemical called intrinsic factor is released. As the food passes into the duodenum (first part of the small intestine) the B!2 that was digested from the food, is processed and combines with the intrinsic factor molecules, and then is absorbed in the ileum (last part of the small intestine) and put into circulation.

Anyone who has their ileum or stomach removed ends up requiring B12 injections, since without them you cannot absorb enough B12 to maintain bodily functions.

Q: Do Vitamin B12 injections help you to lose weight ?
Many weight loss clinics give their clients weekly B12 injections. Does this help a person to lose weight in some way or are they just good for you?

A: yes b12 can help you lose weight
and i have lost about 6 pounds using it.
now here’s the thing.
you haft to have about 1200cc of b12 to lose the weight and you can’t stop exercising everyday,and your body will need a brake from all the body intake for one or two days a week. like stop your diet on Sundays but over do it,and stop taking the pills(b12) and start the healing,just watch what you eat and drink and don’t over do it on the weekends.
hope this helps you

Q: How does Vitamin B12 patches compare with injections?
I was diagnosed with vitamin b12 deficency. I will be taking b12 injections monthly for life because of malabsorption oral route

A: I have never tried the B12 patches, nor have I seen them myself, but from what I have studied about the injections, they are still considered by physicians to be the most efficient option. I also find from personal experience that it is much easier to get the shots done than to have a patch stuck somewhere on the body. Less chance of dermatitis too. But I guess it would depend on whether or not needles bother you. I was just diagnosed with a B12 deficiency as well, and will get the ongoing shots every month for life too. Good luck, and I hope that you find what works best with you. :)

Q: have you heard of vitamin B12 injections ?
i have been recommended these, as well as growth hormones to treat my CFS.

what do you guys know about this, any thoughts ?

A: I know of other more effective treatments of CFS . I will list them for you:

1) Ginseng – an herb that promotes sustained energy by metering it out

2) B Complex – not just B12 (nor an injection)

3) NAC – acetyl cysteine – a powerful anti-oxidant and immune support substance, maintains intra-cellular glutathione levels

4) Vitamin E – protective effects against oxidation, and its ability to detoxify lipid peroxy radicals -keeps you from being as tired

5) Onions/Garlic – rich in sulfer containing compounds that help eliminate harmful heavy metals from the body

6) CO-Q10 – transports electrons in energy production

Q: Can Vitamin B12 injections cause oily facial skin and hair loss?

A: No

Q: does anyone know out there if vitamin B12 injections are painfull?

A: i have never actually had one but i have worked in health care a long time and alot of elderly women have to have them and they say they feel just like insulin shots and i have had a needle that small before it just goes right under your skin the needle does’nt even go in over an inch so no i don’t imagine they hurt. hope this helps have a good day!

Q: Advice on Vitamin B12 injections?
Hi i am thinking about buying Vitamin B12 injection and just wanted some advice on them lyk are they safe to take where to inject them and what colour it is suppose to be??

A: Unless you are suffering from pernicious anaemia they are of no benefit.
From the link…
“If you are experiencing tiredness and you receive a B12 injection it is only going to help if you are deficient. If you’re not, it’s just quackery,” says Collins. “There are people who attempt to prescribe vitamins like medicines and I would be concerned if people were being told to take B12 to boost their energy levels.”

Common side effects include…
Mild diarrhea. Upset stomach. Nausea
A feeling of pain and a warm sensation at the site of the injection
A feeling, or a sense, of being swollen over the entire body
Headache. Joint pain

Best left alone unless medically necessary.
Colour? Usually clear, red, sterile, nonpyrogenic, aqueous solution

Q: vitamin b12 injections?
a lady at work referred me to a doctor that does vitamin b12 injections to help you lose weight. she swears by this and has lost 100 pounds. im not sure over what period of time. she says she has not changed her eating or added exercise. she is still kinda a heavy women. i am over weight and looking for something to help with losing weight and was wondering if anyone else out there takes this and is it worth the visits? i am doing other things to help me lose weight. so im not looking to do this as a easy fix. i am walking on my treadmill more and im changing my eating habits and drinking more water. i also am taking a daily multivitamin.

A: Simply supplementing with B12 (oral/sublingual or injection) will not help you lose weight.

There are some “doctor-supervised” radical weight loss programs that restrict intake so much that they require IV vitamins to sustain the patient’s health. These types of programs WILL help you lose weight rapidly… but they also have permanent detrimental effects on your metabolism.

Honestly, the best way to lose weight is by eating healthy and moving more. About 10 lbs per month is ideal – it allows time for the blood supply for the adipose (fat) tissue to withdraw (which makes it harder to put on weight again) and for your body to adjust to the changes. (Skin retraction, hormonal changes, metabolic changes, etc.)

If you are eating well and exercising regularly and you are still having difficulty losing weight, it may be worth it to seek help from a Naturopathic Doctor to investigate whether a hormonal problem is causing the difficulty. (An MD will determine if there’s a frank pathology, which is important. But an ND will look for frank pathology AND also investigate whether there’s sub-optimal function and treat before frank pathology arises.)

Q: vitamin B12 vitamins or injections?
I was wondering if taking B12 has the same affect in weight loss as does getting B12 injections?

A: no, B-12 pills are a waste of money, it is destroyed in stomach acids. You can get B-12 tabs that melt in your mouth and are absorbed thru the mucous membranes in your mouth, but not in doseages like those you get from injectable. This is why doctors use injectable B-12. As for weight loss… that is not the purpose of B-12 and it is not a common side effect of B-12 use, unless a B-12 deficiency is causing water retention… in which case, supplementation results in loss of excess water weight, but not fat.

Q: What are vitamin b12 injections given for? Should I get one?

A: B12 injections are given for B12 deficiency

As one poster correctly points out – they are given for a sort of anaemia.

Most people get sufficient B12 from their diet. B12 deficiency can result from an inadequate diet or after abdominal surgery that affects a part of the gut to do with absorption of B12.

The deficiency of B12 (cyanocobalamin) can lead to anaemia and neurological problems to do with peripheral neuropathy and demyelination of the spinal cord.

You should check with your doctor if you are feeling any of the following symptoms:
o Lethargy/Fatigue
o Shortness of breath
o Tingling or numbness in arms or legs
o Weakness of arms or legs

Your doctor can check your blood levels and check your B12 levels. If your B12 levels are low and you warrant injections, your doctor can arrange those for you too.

Q: Where can I get vitamin B12 injections?

A: Many doctors offices give B12 injections, but some may require you to have blood work drawn to detect your B12 levels first.

Other than that, there are many diet doctors that give them without making you get blood work done first. There are several weight-loss clinics in my area that give prescriptions of adipex, and will give you a B12 shot for $5-$10 every couple of weeks.

Q: Pernicious Anemia,vitamin B12 deficiency,after starting injections how long does it take to be cured?
i was diagnosed with B12 deficiency anemia and up tp now i have taken 7 shots and some symtoms are a little better,i want to know how long does it take to have all symptoms (weakness ,tingling ,pain) vanished?,does anybody has gone through this course of treatment?if so please tell me.thank you.

A: You will have to take B12 for the rest of your life. If you have neurologic symptoms due to B12 deficiency, the result of treatment depends on how early treatment was started in large part. Too late, and B12 will not reverse the symptoms. It depends too on whether the main cause of your symptoms is the peripheral nerve or the posterior columns of the spinal cord. A nerve heals about 1mm a day. ( rough estimate) so if you have numbness up 1 inch, figure 25 days for that inch. Most people have ‘way more than that when the problem is discovered.
Make sure you have been carefully checked for other causes of numbness, weakness, pain– CIDP, and the usual suspects- Diabetes ( with a glucose tolerance) heavy metals, collagen diseases,etc. Better to be careful and sure, that to use “Post hoc” reasoning and find out a year or two down the road something else was going on.

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